28 textures, shown 21 - 28
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28 textures, shown 21 - 28
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How to download textures
To preview and download the texture or cat background you like, click the corresponding thumbnail. Do not save the thumbnails themselves! They are vastly different from full sized images so you won't be able to use them.

Direct linking to images is not allowed! If you're intended to use a texture or a cat background on your web site, you need to save it and upload to a server of your own.
Get Firefox!

How to view textures
While browsing this site, you can conveniently view textures in a tiled (mosaic) mode but what if you want to view the downloaded images offline or for the thousandth time enjoy leafing through your hand picked collection of textures? You open a texture in your favorite graphic viewer and doh, all you see is a single tile which seems to bear absolutely no relation to the smooth eye pleasing expanse of the texture preview page. :(

But there is a way out for you texture maniacs! Get AMP Tile Viewer - small and free texture browser. The program features are listed below.
AMP Tile Viewer features
  • displays textures as a mosaic
  • supports a wide variety of graphic formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PSD, PSP, ICO, PSD and much more
  • easy previous/next texture navigation
  • full screen mode - view textures as if they were wallpapers
  • move, copy or delete textures
  • zoom in and zoom out textures
  • show tile boundaries (grid)
  • view image information
  • program screenshot
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