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Versions of Red Cats (Green Flavor) and Red Cats (Blue Flavor) are out. Changelog:
  • [Added] support for Firefox 3.0.x
  • [Added] SearchBox Companion (former All-in-One Search Button) skinned
  • [Added] livemark item now has its own icon
  • [Added] hover effect to urlbar icons
  • [Added] hover effect to statusbar icons
  • [Added] hover effect to download item buttons
  • [Added] (Findbar) new Highlight button
  • [Improved] tree input styling
  • [Improved] sidebar splitter styling
  • [Improved] Download Statusbar styling
  • [Fixed] Launch Application dialog wasn't skinned properly
  • [Fixed] (Add-ons Manager) Selected item buttons were sometimes clipped on bottom
  • Minor improvements
The weird theme is getting weirder! New versions of Curacao is out and Firefox 3.0 is fully supported.
Maintenance releases of Red Cats (Green Flavor) and Red Cats (Blue Flavor)

Changes from version
  • [Added] Chatzilla toolbar button skinned
  • [Added] (TabMix Plus) Add New Tab button skinned
  • [Improved] lighter tabbar background
  • [Improved] (blue flavor only) less pinkish menu hover/selected item color
  • [Fixed] (Firefox 2.x + Linux) Downloads Manager was totally broken
  • [Fixed] (Firefox 2.x) invisible urlbar text when the secure connection is broken
  • [Fixed] (TabMix Plus) favicons on tabs were distorted
  • [Fixed] (TabMix Plus) All-tabs button was clipped on bottom
Minor bug fixes and improvements
New versions of Red Cats (Green Flavor) and Red Cats (Blue Flavor) are out. Changelog is the same for both themes:
  • [Added] support for Firefox 3.x
  • [Added] new Reload, Home, Print, New Window and Download buttons
  • [Added] new tabs
  • [Added] new close button
  • [Added] new scrollbars - neater ans slimmer
  • [Added] new menu background
  • [Added] new menu hover/selected item color, jazzed up by a slight bevel effect
  • [Added] new menulist and autocomplete dropmarker
  • [Added] new checkboxes and radio
  • [Added] new dialog header (open Import Wizard to see: File -> Import)
  • [Added] new Bookmarks toolbar icons (Firefox 2.x only)
  • [Added] urlbar now changes color when you visit a secure site
  • [Added] About:Config extension skinned
  • [Added] ScrapBook extension skinned
  • [Improved] toolbars are now much more compact and less bordered
  • [Improved] small toolbar icons
  • [Improved] groupbox now has an unusual washed out border
  • [Improved] Add-ons Manager totally revamped
  • [Improved] Download Manager totally revamped
  • [Improved] extension/theme About dialog
  • [Improved] button and tab text now changes color on mouse hover
  • [Improved] disabled menu items can no longer be highlighted
  • [Improved] livemark icon
  • [Improved] alert icons
  • [Improved] Error Console
  • [Improved] Go button
  • [Improved] Find Next and Find Previous buttons
  • [Improved] statusbar icons
  • [Improved] File Picker icons (Linux only)
  • [Improved] NetError page (the one you see when a page cannot be displayed)
  • [Fixed] close button was missing in full screen mode
  • [Fixed] (Stylish extension) checkmarks were missing
  • Lots of minor bug fixes and improvements
New desktop theme: Furball In Slumber. Based on a gorgeous artwork by Makoto Muramatsu, this soothing theme in latte brown with a slight touch of green depicts an adorable brown tabby slumbering on a tree trunk. You may also take a look at the revamped version of the old good 'Help! I'm Falling' desktop theme which is now titled Falling Down. The changes are:
  • Added: brand new icons
  • Added: brand new cursors
  • Improved: color schemes
  • Improved: sounds
  • Improved: logos
Version 4.0.26 of Red Cats (Blue Flavor) is out. It's a maintenance release that fixes the bug with the close button missing in full screen mode.

61 news, shown 31 - 36
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Lovely green eyed and round faced kitties.
Bobtails - tiny, cute and disheveled.
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This exotic yet exquisite alliance of blue and brown is called Curacao.
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