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Beta 4 of Curacao fixes a couple bugs in the Add-ons Manager.
Versions 5.5.1 of Red Cats (Green Flavor) and Red Cats (Blue Flavor) are out.
  • [+] Full compatibility with Firefox 5 and above, up to 8.0a1
  • [+] Added support for RSS Icon in Awesombar
  • [Fixed] Label and progressmeter in popup notifications were misaligned
  • [Fixed] The wizard page text didn't have any padding
  • [Fixed] Some fixes for QuickNote
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
Next beta version of Curacao is now available.
Curacao has been updated to support Firefox 4 and above, as late as it is. It's currently in a BETA stage so expect minor bugs.
Versions 5.5.0 of Red Cats (Blue Flavor) has been released. The changelog is the same as for the green flavor.
Versions 5.5.0 of Red Cats (Green Flavor) is here at long last! Changelog:
  • [+] Full compatibility with Firefox 4, up to 4.2a1pre
  • [+] AdBlock Plus is now fully themed
  • [+] New toolbar style - now much smoother
  • [+] New toolbar button highlight - now much brighter
  • [+] New Go button to match the Back/Forward arrows
  • [+] New close button in the All-Tabs panel
  • [+] New (less obtrusive) close buttons in toolbars/notifications/sidebar headers
  • [+] (Download Manager) download status is now indicated by the item background color
  • [Enh] Toolbar borders and separators are now more subtle
  • [Enh] Statusbar and findbar are now more compact
  • [Enh] Disabled listbox needs lighter border
  • [Enh] Selected separators should match the highlight color
  • [Enh] Improved styling of Add-ons Manager and Download Manager
  • [Enh] Improved styling of tabs, tab controls and tabbar
  • [Enh] Improved styling of the Bookmarks Organizer
  • [Enh] Improved styling of the findbar
  • [Enh] Improved styling of error pages
  • [Enh] Improved styling of time/date pickers
  • [Enh] (Options dialog) Swapped Privacy and Security icons
  • [Enh] Better compatibility with All-in-One Sidebar
  • [Enh] Improved styling of DOM inspector, Scrapbook, Chatzilla and Stylish
  • [Fixed] Scale (aka slider) was totally broken
  • [Fixed] Unified Back-Forward button didn't have left and right padding
  • [Fixed] Groupbox bottom was cut off in some dialogs
  • [Fixed] (Download Manager) Search field was misaligned
  • [Fixed] (Import Wizard) The "Items to Import" panel was not themed
  • Lots of minor fixes and improvements
Versions 5.0.0 of Red Cats (Green Flavor) and Red Cats (Blue Flavor) are out. Changelog:
  • [New] Dropped support for Firefox 2.x and 3.0.x - 3.5. Now the theme is only compatible with Firefox 3.6b2 - 3.7a1pre
  • [New] Total revamp of:
    - Options toolbar, Add-Ons Manager toolbar and Page Info toolbar
    - address bar, search bar, menulists
    - textboxes
    - dialog headers
    - find bar
  • [New] Tab panels skinned (go to Options -> Advanced to see)
  • [New] Added highlight effect to the background color of toolbar button - very subtle on mouse over and brighter on mouse click
  • [New] Added slight bevel effect to error page containers
  • [New] (Page Info window) Added hover effect to the Permissions list items
  • [New] about:plugins page skinned
  • [New] Some styling of the AdBlock Plus dialogs
  • [Improved] RTL languages are now fully and properly supported
  • [Improved] Styling of browser tabs and dialog tabs. Selected browser tab is now slightly asymmetric to match the curvature of the address bar/search bar
  • [Improved] Smoother dialog borders, toolbar borders and richlist item borders
  • [Improved] Menuitem highlight is now a little more orange and slightly rounded
  • [Improved] Better background colors for readonly and disabled textboxes/menulists
  • [Improved] Smoother transition from groupbox caption to groupbox body
  • [Improved] Better dropmarker image for editable menulists - the old one was locale specific
  • [Improved] Removed black border from alert icons (Info, Question, Warning, Error)
  • [Improved] Dropdown arrows and menu arrows are now brighter and fatter
  • [Improved] Styling of Error Console
  • [Improved] Styling of statusbar
  • [Improved] Styling of nested groupboxes
  • [Improved] Styling of directory listing
  • [Improved] Better link colors
  • [Improved] Focused colorpicker button now looks like selected menuitem
  • [Improved] Better Stylish toolbar button - compatible with Stylish 1.x
  • [Improved] Better ScrapBook toolbar button
  • [Fixed] statusbar resizer was broken in all windows except the main one
  • [Fixed] (Software Update wizard) Pause/Update button was broken
  • [Fixed] (Dialog buttons) Menu-button was broken
  • [Fixed] (SessionManager extension) Checkmarks were missing
  • [Fixed] (Stylish extension v1.x) Findbar icons were broken

+ Lots of minor fixes and improvements

61 news, shown 19 - 24
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