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Advanced CSS demos and bug reports.
A web site aimed at teaching the masses about PHP and mySQL.
CSS Creator
CSS forum, Live Cascading Style Sheet generators and tools, learn and discuss CSS.
Webmaster resource website. Concise tutorials and articles on many aspects of web design, from designing and coding to online application development. Design, developing and managing your site using search engine optimisation (SEO), semantics, valid and structured coding.
Max Design
Presentations and articles by Max Design.
Mod_Rewrite Mod_Rewrite
Mod_Rewrite Discussion Board - simple language practical advises, tutorials and instructions to mod_rewrite your php based script.
ONLamp.com: PHP DevCenter
O'Reilly Network's source for PHP developer news and information.
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, XML, XHTML, ASP, ADO and VBScript tutorial from W3Schools.

8 links, shown 1 - 8
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New Icons
Lovely green eyed and round faced kitties.
Bobtails - tiny, cute and disheveled.
Anime Cats
Meet Anime Cats - weird and charming, painted luminous and crazy colors and go to the download page to grab them all.
Dog Icons
Cats, cats, cats... Hey you may say, what about dogs? Don't they deserve their own icons? Sure thing they do! Here is a few - go to the dog icons page to see the rest of the set and download.
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