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 Scottish Fold And Roses   Top 
This beautiful artwork by Makoto Muramatsu depicts a cute cat with folded ears sleeping on a table under a huge bunch of red roses. Icons and Working cursor in the form of a rose, Busy cursor - blinking cat face.
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File size: 2.95 MB
  • Wallpaper resolutions:
    1024x768, 800x600
  • # of wallpapers: 2
    # of color schemes: 2
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    View cursors
  • Wallpaper: Blue Cat's Graphics, source image is courtesy of Makoto Muramatsu
 Green Eyes   Top 
Whether you like Persian cats or not, don't miss this closeup of a red Persian with gorgeous green eyes.
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File size: 2.58 MB
 Blue-Eyed Cat   Top 
A true gift for the Siamese cat fans all over the world. :) The theme comes with two different color schemes.
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File size: 2.27 MB

15 desktop themes, shown 10 - 12
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Featured desktop themes
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The Hello Pretty Little Kitty theme - meet a little calico cutie and enjoy the warm ochre color of the background, static red white kitties - icons and running red white kitties - animated cursors. The theme comes with two different color schemes, light and dark.
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The Burnt Papyrus theme will imbue the ambience of antiquity to your desktop. A dainty wallpaper the color and texture of ancient papyrus browned with time and burnt with flame, odd sketchy icons, even odder Wait and Busy cursors with a flaming effect and soft music.
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Desktop themes by Blue Cat's Graphics are compatible with Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP.
Windows XP users should switch to the Classic Desktop to use the themes.

A typical desktop theme by Blue Cat's Graphics is composed of:
  • wallpaper(s)
  • color scheme(s)
  • icons, including icons for opened and closed folders
  • sounds in MPEG Layer 3 format
  • startup/wait/shutdown logos - only for for Win98/Me
  • web views
Currently, the desktop themes do not include screensavers. They are hopefully to be added in the near future.
A desktop management software (e.g. Microsoft Plus) is required to use any of these desktop themes. You are highly recommended to get free Desktop Architect - the best desktop manager available.
Turning off a theme sound
Is one of the theme sounds driving you nuts? You loathe it, you can't stand it, you're about to disintegrate - uh, I mean uninstall - the poor theme... Suppress the urge to click the Uninstall button, turning off a theme sound is a piece of cake!
  • open Desktop Architect
  • click the Sounds tab
  • highlight the irritating sound and select None from the dropdown list below
  • click Apply or Save if you're just testing the theme and it's not applied yet
If you don't have Desktop Architect, go to Control Panel - Sounds and Multimedia, and turn off the sound from there.
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