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Download the set (15 KB)  •  downloads: 3138
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3 cursor sets, shown 1 - 3
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New Icons
Lovely green eyed and round faced kitties.
Bobtails - tiny, cute and disheveled.
Anime Cats
Meet Anime Cats - weird and charming, painted luminous and crazy colors and go to the download page to grab them all.
Dog Icons
Cats, cats, cats... Hey you may say, what about dogs? Don't they deserve their own icons? Sure thing they do! Here is a few - go to the dog icons page to see the rest of the set and download.
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Changing cursors
Afraid of changing cursors? Fear not, it's as easy as pie! Just follow the directions below and enjoy a new cursor every week, day or even hour.
  • Unzip the cursor set you downloaded to a folder of choice, e.g. My Cursors
  • open Control Panel (My Computer - Control Panel or Start button - Settings - Control Panel)
  • click Mouse to open the Mouse Properties dialog box and click the Pointers tab
  • select the cursor you want to change
  • click Browse and choose a new cursor
  • click OK and have fun with your new cursor. :)
  • to restore a cursor to the default one, select it and click Use Default.
! Tip: Install Desktop Architect or other desktop manager to switch your cursors easily.
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